Benefits and uses of Reiki

Reiki treats the physical, emotional and spiritual body and can be used in a variety of situations, from alleviating stress and helping to treat anxiety and depression, to helping in the relief of pain or assisting in the removal of long held negative emotional patterns bringing balance to our daily lives.

When we are born, we all bring into this life a supply of ‘Ki/Chi’ energy to fuel our body’s natural healing capabilities, but this energy supply is used up during the course of daily life; when we are unable to replenish it for prolonged periods of time we can become physically or emotionally ill.

Modern life can be stressful. Your body’s way of responding is to try to make the physical, mental or emotional changes to adapt. Chronic pain can arrive from stress, as well as psychological, spiritual and emotional distress, from injuries and overwork or from pain caused by disease.

Unreleased stress is stored in the fibres of your organs, muscles and connective tissue, blocking the flow of energy through your body. During a Reiki session, muscles are relaxed and the energy flow unblocked, helping to reduce physical tension and pain.

An attuned Reiki Practitioner, by placing his/her hands close to or on a patient, facilitates an enhanced flow of universal energy which can reduce pain and fatigue and help restore balance to the body, mind and soul.

A Reiki treatment seeks to provide a concentrated boost of energy and to balance the energy flow within your body. Your mind and body relax, your body increases its capacity to breathe, your heart rate drops and increased levels of oxygen are delivered to the brain, as well as the other organs of the body. Those who have experienced Reiki healing often comment on the feeling of calmness and peace they experience during a treatment, leaving them more relaxed and better able to cope with everyday situations.

Practicing and treating with Reiki throughout West Sussex

Not everyone can practice Reiki. Traditional Usui Reiki is passed down from teacher to student by method of attunements which are noted at Level I (giving the practitioner the tools for self-healing), Level II (providing the tools to support others in healing) and Level III - Master/Teacher (providing the tools as well as strength of practice to teach others). After over 16 years of living with Reiki I am honoured to hold the title of Reiki Master / Teacher. I am a Member of the Reiki Association, a verified Reiki practitioner (Reiki Council), am registered and approved by The Complimentary & Natural Health Care Council (CNHC) and am fully insured to practice Reiki on a professional basis throughout West Sussex. Whilst most treatments are carried out at our studio near Petworth, I am able to travel should you find it necessary to ask for a treatment to take place elsewhere.

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