Reiki West Sussex – healing for balance of the Mind, Body and Soul

Reiki is a safe and gentle, non-invasive natural healing technique used to treat physical, mental & emotional and spiritual ailments and imbalances without using pressure. It is a complimentary method of healing that can be experienced whatever your religious or spiritual views and is performed by a practitioner placing their hands on or above a client’s body for the focus and transfer of energy. It is possible to benefit from Reiki treatments whether you simply wish to find some space in a busy life, are seeking to heal long-held negative or destructive emotional patterns or are looking for a complimentary therapy to assist in dealing with ongoing medical conditions.

At its heart Reiki is very simple. All things are made up of energy and Reiki is a system of natural healing utilising this energy to nourish the body and spirit and to help maintain balance.

Reiki is based around the concept that everything has an energy field that must be balanced in order to maintain proper mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. It was originally described in 2,500 year old Sanskrit writings which place its practice at roughly 600 years BCE in the India-Tibet area. According to tradition, Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese scholar of Buddhism brought the Reiki method of healing to awareness in 1922.

What can Reiki be used for?

As well as being used to help treat minor ailments and to help relieve day-to-day stress, Reiki is increasingly being woven into patient treatment plans in hospitals and hospices. Alongside traditional medical practices, it helps to treat a variety of disorders from anxiety and depression to asthma and high blood pressure. Reiki can also be used to assist in the treatment of conditions such as heart disease or to help reduce side effects of medications or treatments. Most forward-thinking doctors now agree that treating the body, mind and spirit as a ‘WHOLE’ will release tension and anxiety to promote a sense of balance and wellbeing, which allows the body to self-heal both physically and emotionally.

The relaxing nature of Reiki can be very helpful during periods of difficulty. We can all feel overwhelmed or disconnected at times and Reiki treatments can bring feelings of peace and stability that promote a less destructive and gentler way of dealing with both ourselves and the world around us.

Whilst a qualified Reiki practitioner will often work with your GP, it should be noted that he/she will not diagnose a medical problem for you. If you have concerns about specific symptoms you should contact your GP.