Reiki for depression, anxiety and mental / emotional difficulties

The impact of anxiety, fear and depression

Anxiety and depression often accompany one another and at times it may be hard to say which came first. Symptoms often include insomnia, irritability, fear, heart palpitations, fatigue, crying and chest pain.

Using Reiki therapy to treat these symptoms can instill a greater sense of wellbeing and peace. With this sense of understanding and balance it is often easier to recognise unhealthy thought patterns or behaviour, making us more able to deal with emotional trauma or stressful situations. The flow of Reiki energy experienced during a Reiki session can help release emotional pain leaving us more relaxed, refreshed and able to see both ourselves and our lives in a more balanced and less harmful way.

Reiki has become recognised as a useful tool in the treatment of anxiety and depression allowing people to let go of worry, fear and past hurts. Triggering the body’s relaxation response to reduce and help manage stress, it assists in releasing tension and helps to provide a sense of wellbeing.

Further benefits of Reiki on the mental/emotional level include:

We offer Reiki to people across West Sussex, if you would like further details regarding Reiki as a complimentary treatment please feel free to contact us on 01798 872661.

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