Reiki for stress reduction and relaxation

Stress can affect all aspects our lives including our emotions, behaviour, thinking ability and physical health and many health problems are caused or exacerbated by stress, including:

By triggering your body’s relaxation response, Reiki can help to assist in managing stress reducing levels of adrenalin and cortisol, increasing oxygen supply and helping you to find space to relax both mind and body.

The importance of relieving stress

When you are stressed, your heart pounds faster, muscles tighten, your blood pressure rises and your breath quickens as stress hormones including adrenaline and cortisol flood into your system.

The truth is, that everyone handles stress differently and whilst some forms of stress can in fact be good for the body, medical research has shown that facing continuous challenges without relief or relaxation can block the body’s natural ability to repair, regenerate and protect itself. The effects of unreleased stress can range from complaints such as headaches, upset stomachs, fertility problems and a weak immune system to more serious conditions such as heart disease and respiratory problems.

What causes your personal stress depends on your perception of it, so something that is stressful to you may not be to someone else – it doesn’t matter, the result is the same. Try to be gentle on yourself!

Your body doesn’t distinguish between physical and psychological threats, so whether you are stressed over a busy schedule, an argument, or sorting out the kids schedules, your body will react just as strongly as if you were facing a life and death situation.

Here’s what The National Cancer Institute says in relation to stress and cancer.

"People who have a serious medical condition may find the physical, emotional, and social effects of the disease to be stressful. Those who attempt to manage their stress with risky behaviours such as smoking or drinking alcohol or who become more sedentary may have a poorer quality of life after serious medical treatment. In contrast, people who are able to use effective coping strategies to deal with stress, such as relaxation and stress management techniques, have been shown to have lower levels of depression, anxiety, and symptoms related to the cancer and its treatment. Evidence from experimental studies does suggest that psychological stress can affect a tumour’s ability to grow and spread."

Reiki can be practiced at our studio in Petworth, or at a location of your choice in and around Billingshurst, Pulborough, Loxwood and throughout West Sussex. For more details about how Reiki can be beneficial to your health and wellbeing through reducing the amount of stress-related problems you encounter, please get in touch.

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