About Bodhi: Yoga, Therapeutic Counselling & Coaching, Reiki

Counselling today is constantly evolving and we often find that new scientific discoveries sit very comfortably alongside ancient disciplines such as Yoga and Reiki in promoting health and wellbeing. Examples such as mindfulness and breathing techniques used in yoga for centuries are now commonly taught within main stream medicine as ways to help calm both body and mind and are able to bring about positive physical and emotional changes. Neuroscience is providing ever-increasing understanding of our amazing human brain. With that knowledge come practical skills and tools we can all use to help regulate our emotions; to better manage our minds and find happier and more fulfilled lives. The more we learn, the more we understand the value of both Yoga and Reiki in helping to reduce tension, creating balance and health in both mind and body.

Amanda Roberts (Dip FRYOG: Dip FTCT: Reiki Master/Teacher) is founder of Bodhi Studio. She now practices as a therapeutic counsellor, yoga teacher and Reiki Master in West Sussex where she lives with her husband Matt and their black Labrador Sid.

‘For me Integrated Counselling, Yoga and Reiki are all a very natural partnership. Neuroscience and traditional practices can work very well together or independently, to create strength and harmony and help make our lives healthier & happier’

Becoming the heathiest, happiest version of you…

We have tried here to give you some information on why these disciplines affect you so positively. Whether you simply want to get fit, heal existing injuries, find some headspace or just have a little fun and try something new. There are times however, when you may feel you need a little more help to get back on track and that’s where therapeutic counselling can help. Our goal is to be as honest and informed as we can be to help you be the happiest and healthiest version of you possible.

What makes Bodhi different?

We set up Bodhi because we wanted to create a welcoming space where anyone could find the space and the tools to help make their lives happier and their bodies healthier. We know from personal experience that life can get busy and well, lets be honest it can sometimes seem messy and a bit complicated! But what if we could take life’s stresses and strains and look at them differently?

So when we thought about it - Yoga, Reiki and Therapeutic Counselling/coaching all fit very nicely together. They all have one aim. To help you become healthier, happier and get the most out of your life.

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