Physical benefits of Reiki therapy

Reiki can be used as a complementary medical therapy to treat pain and minor conditions such as headaches or stomach aches as well as serious illnesses such as heart disease and cancer, helping to reduce negative side-effects of medication, aiding in pain relief and promote more relaxed sleep.

Further benefits of Reiki therapy include:

The suitability of Reiki to treat pain

Reiki is an effective method of stress reduction and relaxation, It is a gentle and non-invasive complimentary healing technique and there are no contra-indications to receiving a Reiki treatment.

Please note that a Reiki practitioner will not diagnose a medical problem for you nor will he/she tell you that Reiki can cure all serious illnesses. If you have concerns about specific symptoms you should contact your GP.

Reiki sessions can be booked at our West Sussex studio, or we may be able to visit you in your home if you would prefer though there is an additional charge dependent upon your location. Please contact us or call us on 01798 872661 to discuss.

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