Types of Yoga class

There are many different types of Yoga and undoubtedly areas where each form of practice may overlap. Any style of Yoga will show physical benefits that include improving your strength, flexibility and balance and all Yoga styles release tension in your body, quiet your mind and help you relax. Always remember, your Yoga practice can be as dynamic or as gentle as you want it to be.

The key to choosing the right Yoga class for you is to match your practice with your current fitness level as well as your personality, physical needs and goals – you are welcome to speak to us and we will be happy to explain how to choose the best class for your individual needs.

Hatha Yoga, once used to describe only the physical practice of Yoga, is now a term often used when combining different Yoga styles – such as Vinyasa (Flow ), Ashtanga or Iyengar – to create a class that can draw on a variety of traditions and postures.

Private Yoga lessons across West Sussex

Each of our Yoga classes incorporate:

  • Tuning in
  • Gentle warm-up
  • Balanced programme of postures and sequences
  • Breath awareness / expansion practice
  • Guided meditation
  • Guided relaxation

By helping us to focus on the present and to become more aware of our mind, body and breath, Yoga opens the way to improved concentration and co-ordination. Many people who come to Yoga for other reasons say that a key reason for their continued practice is a sense of balance and peace they find Yoga gives them in all areas of their lives.

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