Why do I feel this way?

"It's hard to answer the question what’s wrong when nothing seems right."

As we move through our lives, we travel along our own emotional highway - lets call it a ‘continuum of wellbeing’ - sometimes we are doing well, other times not so good. The truth is, life isn’t perfect and things like redundancy; divorce; fear of failure or not feeling valued, can all be trigger points which impact negatively on how we feel about and react to, both ourselves and the world around us.

Often when we are suffering from anxiety or depression it feels like we seem to see only the worst in everyday situations. We may find ourselves catastrophizing as our world view becomes coloured by the anxiety and exhaustion we feel. Though we might sometimes be able to tell ourselves logically that we know our fears are ungrounded, we don’t actually believe this is the case.

Over time, as human beings we develop systems. They become the habits of behaviour we repeat every day which, once learned, become 'automatic'. Things like brushing our teeth or driving to work. Once established, we don’t think about them or challenge them and they become our habitual way of 'being'.

But often these habitual patterns are not serving us well. They may be negative or based on an outdated or unhelpful perception of how life really is. It's like we are running the wrong software and wondering why our lives are not working well.

"Change is less difficult than you think…"

You may be reading this because you have already decided you want to make important changes or tackle a particular problem in your life. You might simply be looking for some help to find a way forward from where you are standing right now.

The good news is change is easier than you think. You can change patterns of thought and behaviour and you can feel good. Neuroscience is providing an ever-increasing understanding about our amazing human brain. With that knowledge, comes practical skills and tools we can all use to help regulate our emotions; to better manage our minds and to find happier and more fulfilled lives.

Therapeutic Coaching helps you look at all areas of your life holistically so that you can become more aware of the choices you have. It will support you in identifying your goals and ensuring they are realistic and achievable. It will help you to make the best use of all your natural abilities, build confidence and self-esteem and learn new skills to help you live a happier, healthier life.

Because Therapeutic Coaching is a ‘solution focused’ approach to wellbeing, it works quickly. You should feel better after your first session and most clients feel that after five sessions, they are able take back control and move forward without the need of ongoing coaching or counselling.

"It is not about your past but your present and your future, because that is what you are able to influence."


Habits of thinking need not be forever. One of the most significant findings in psychology in the last twenty years is that individuals can choose the way they think.
Martin Seligman

You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward… just take the next step.
Roy T Bennett

Change is less difficult than you think…